In a non-visually limited square space, the artist placed 36 women, standing next to each other and in formal dress, as if in their workspace.

Every ten minutes the women are served a shot of vodka, that would bring them all, in more or less time in a state of drunkenness, the performance ends when the women are no longer able to stay in their designated areas.

The clothes of the performers evidence the fact that they are businesswomen; their rigid position reminds us of a battle ship and therefore evokes discipline and obligations at their work places. The progressive loss of control due to alcohol will bring them to loose their masculinity and that control they usually force on themselves at work.

The objective of the artist is to show women, not only in a position of strength and power but also their fragility, the performance is a play on roles in modern society, and underlines the uncontrollable and fierceness, that in art has always been associated to women.

On a deeper view we see Corrado Sassi’s reference to the Italian artist Vanessa Beecroft.

The usual situation created by Beecroft in her performances is beautiful models placed in rigid still life’s of an idealistic beauty, and then completely turn upside down. Infact in Sassi’s work the protagonists start like the Beecroft’s models, still and imprisoned, transformed in beautiful objects, after every shot of vodka they loose their control but at the same time free themselves from the artists dictatorial grasp and therefore break through the still life.

The drunken women are more real and free than the impassible and perfect women from the works of Vanessa Beecoft. Its interesting to see how Sassi ionized and limited a piece that had so much success in the past years and was able to communicate such a different view on the women of today’s society.